EdTech that changes the world



  • Open edX® platform
    • Fullstack installation
    • E-commerce deployment
    • Module(s) installation
    • Theme customization
    • Module / plugin / xblock development
    • Hosting
  • Data synchronization between systems

  • Moodle customization and integration (with PowerSchool...)
  • PowerSchool customization
  • School events signup solutions (after school activities, parent teacher conferences...)
  • Custom educational apps (web-based) development

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EdLab was established since May 2017 by Trinh Nguyen with a mission to change the education system in Vietnam. We started by providing Open edX® platform deployment and customization as well as other educational tools development. Up until now, we have worked with several customers around the globe including Canada, Argentina, Australia, and Viet Nam which brought us many experiences in the field.